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Tastes that are not repeated anymore.
piatok, 24. 06. 2022
Týždenný špeciál
8.40 €
Grilovaný hovädzí flank steak, karfiolové pyré, šampiňóny, omáčka z rozmarínu
150g / 7,9
2.50 €
Boršč s kyslou smotanou, domáci chlieb
0,33L / 1,7,9
1. Hlavné jedlo
6.00 €
Pečené kuracie krídelka, cesnaková bageta, šalát, BBQ omáčka
300g / 1,3,7,9
2. Hlavné jedlo
5.00 €
Domáce parené buchty, jahodový džem, čokoládová hlina
350g / 1,3,7
We offer the menu of the day
from 11:00 to 14:00
With us, you will find the ideal place for family or business meetings.
Good food is all about the people. It's probably the only thing that can unite everyone. Despite their culture, watershed or religion - people love dining together.
Values that hide more than just delicious food.
Childhood is one of the most beautiful parts of life. We carry memories of it, in us, all our lives. The smell of Christmas, mom's cream, a favourite toy, or Grandma's pantry.

Grandma's pantry was a place that hid many scents and mashings. Of course, there were always quality homemade ingredients, of which only she was able to prepare the most exciting delicacies. But her secret was hidden somewhere deeper. On the top shelves, which we never reached, or at the back behind glass jams. Mashings that have always pleased everyone with a sweet tongue. The pantry was a magical place from which we always came out so strangely satisfied, even though we knew that Grandma would warm us up for it.

We also tried to transfer the values of my grandmother's pantry to our cosy restaurant, Čarovná Špajza. Unforgettable scents that define a charming space. Delicious meals that make you feel love and care. And a charming environment that evokes the warmth of home.
We believe that thanks to us, the most beautiful memories will emerge and you will take away an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Discover the experience you've been longing for.